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The Night of Power,' concealed in one of the odd nights in the last ten days of Ramadan; the night on which the Qur'an was first revealed by Jibraeel to the Prophet Muhammad , and which the Qur'an itself describes as "better than a thousand months."[Al-Qadr (97:3)]

Ibn `Abd al-Salam said in his Qawa`id (Rules): "The good deed (al-hasana) on that Night is better than 30,000 good deeds on another." Abu Bakr al-Warraq said: "Suleyman's kingdom was five hundred months, and Dhu al-Qarnayn's kingdom was five hundred months, and God has made the deeds done during that night outweigh both kingdoms."  

1 - Start by reciting the intention the niyah:

Nawaytu ’l-arbā’īn, (I intend the forty (days of seclusion);)

nawaytu ’l-itikāf, (I intend isolation;)

nawaytu ’lkhalwah, (I intend seclusion)

nawaytu ’l-uzlah, (I intend discipline (of the ego);

nawaytu ’r-riyāda,

nawaytu ’s-sulūk (I intend to travel in God’s Path;)

nawaytu ’š-šiyām lillāhi ta’alā al-‘Adhīm fī hādhal-jāmi’i.

(I intend fasting, for the sake of God the Almighty, in this mosque.)

2 - After Isha Salat and sunnah Salat , do Adab of the Tariqa ( Wadheefa )

3 - The intention of the Siyaam the day of Lailatu-Qadr

4 - Salat Taraweeh ( 20 Rak’ats )

5 - Salat Tassabeeh ( 4 Rak’ats ) in Jama’a ( group ).

6-Salat al-Shukr with Dua’ al Qunut ( 2 Rak’ats ) in Jama’a

7-Salat al-Witr in Jama’a

8 - You finish by standing up in front of Qibla after salat al-Witr to make 100 Salawats

Khatm al Khawajakan and Dhikr.

9 - Then, Surviving the night of recitation of Qur’an and other Awrad until the Fajr or arising sun.

10 - It is the better to pray from 20 Rak’ats to 100 Rak’ats in your third portion of the nighstand to recite in each Rak’at surat al-Fatiha with the first ayah ( verse ) only, from the second surah till the last.

It’s advisable for the next day, to make inshAllah, a sacrifice for thinking Allah ( S.W. T ) and to amend of your Siyaam, given to the people of Tariqa and the Ummah of Sayidina. Muhammad . and to distributed it to the Poor people and the needy.This is what Mawlana Shaykh Abdullah Daghistan used to do ( may Allah bless his soul ) Ameen.

I-You say Bye to Ramadan Mubarak:

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Amaan.

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Qur’aan

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-ghurfaan

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Ihssaan

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Taraaweeh

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Tassaabeeh

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Qanaadeel

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Siyaam

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Qiyaam

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Fuqaraa’

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Aytaam

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-‘Atq wa al- Najaat

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Ramadan alldhee Onzila feehi al-Qur’an

Al-Wadaa’u Al-Wadaa’u ya shahr al-Birr wa al-‘Atiyyah

1-Dua’ after that:

Lam na’arif qadraka wa lam nahfid hurmatuka ya shahr la-Ghufraan, faarda ‘annaa, wa laa tashku minnaa ilaa al-Rahmani wa kun shaahidan lanaa bil fadli wa al-Ihssan.

II-To say also bye to your Qiyaam in the third portion of the night, in order that Ramadan make for you Shafa’a ( intercession ) in shaa Allah, in the presence of Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala.

III-To give to Ummat of Sayyidina. Muhammad al-Tabarruk.

    The practices of Laylat ul Qadr in PDF format (eng)

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